1915 Established as an importer for the Morse Company of San Francisco, with the trade name of America Shokai. Started imports and domestic sales of automotive parts, accessories and bearings.
1929 Incorporated as America Shokai Corporation.
1933 Started export of Japanese-made parts for foreign cars to the Southeast Asian market.
1934 Began supplying assembly parts to Toyota, Nissan and other major Japanese car makers.
1936 Opened representative offices in Singapore and Beijing.
1941 Changed company name to Taiyo Shokai Corporation.
1948 Resumed export activity interrupted by World War II.
1951 Opened Tokyo Branch Office.
1962 Opened Manila Office.
1965 Opened Bangkok Office and Fukuoka Sales Office.
1966 Opened Sendai Sales Office and Nagoya Branch Office.
1967 Opened Takamatsu Sales Office.
1969 Opened New York Office.
Domestic Dept. separated from the main firm and established as Toshiba Auto parts Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Toshiba Shoji and Kiyoshiba Sangyo.
1970 Opened Hiroshima Sales Office.
1971 Founded Kansai Automotive Service Center Co., Ltd. as a cooperative venture with six other auto parts companies.
1972 Reorganized Bangkok Office into a wholly-owned local subsidiary.
1973 Opened the Chicago Office and the Rotterdam Office.
Participated in founding a joint venture Unique Motors Co., Ltd. in Bangkok.
1974 Participated in founding a joint venture Unique Distributing Co., Inc. in Manila.
1975 Opened Jakarta Office.
Established a wholly-owned Hong Kong subsidiary, Unique Taiyo Hong Kong Ltd.
1976 Reorganized NY Office into wholly owned subsidiary, Unitaiyo American Corporation.
1977 Domestic Dept. reestablished after absorbing Toshiba Automotive part Co., Ltd. to become the sole domestic distributor of Toshiba automotive products, as well as agent for leading automotive part makers.
1978 Manila joint venture company (UDCI) finalized agreement with local spring manufacturer to become the sole distributor of their products for Toyota, Ford and other major auto makers.
Opened Los Angeles Office.
1979 UDCI obtained exclusive rights to market local radiator manufacturer's products in the Philippines, for customers including the above leading auto makers.
1980 Opened Singapore Office.
1981 Changed company name to Taiyo Corporation.
1982 Reformed the Rotterdam Office into a local Company, Taiyo Nederland B.V. wholly owned by us.
1983 Sendai Sales Office moved to present location and enlarged, due to expansion of activities.
1989 Changed fiscal year end from May 20 to March 31.
1994 Established Nichirin Thailand, a manufacturer of hoses for brakes and air conditioners, in Bangkok as a joint venture with Nichirin Co., Ltd., UMC and local capital.
1995 In the 80th year of the company's existence, celebrated the 65th anniversary.
1998 Completed construction of a new building for the Nagoya Branch Office.
Established Taiyo International B.V. in Amsterdam.
2000 In the 85th year of the company's existence, celebrated the 70th anniversary.
2002 Completed construction of a new building for the Tokyo Branch Office.
2005 In the 90th year of the company's existence, celebrated the 75th anniversary.
2010 In the 95th year of the company's existence, celebrated the 80th anniversary.

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