Exclusive for Major Manufacturers

Taiyo has exclusive sales contracts for automotive lamps and electric horns with major manufacturers, and also serves as their exclusive - just one example of the strong relationships of trust between our company and manufacturers.


Strong Brand Reputation of Taiyo Products.

Taiyo's brand name products have strong brand recognition and a reputation for high quality. Our background as a specialized trading company allows us to accumulate the experience and expertise to develop highly reputable products under Taiyo's own name. Coolant and engine oil, to name two examples, have gained strong support in the market.

Providing products of high value based on strong relationships of trust with manufacturers.
  Renown in the industry for our capability to supply a broad range of world-class products.
  We provide products of high value based on strong relationships of trust with manufacturers.

Providing products developed domestically and overseas by our company.


[Engine and Cooling Device Related Products]

Principal Manufacturers

Piston ring sets, Liners

MITSUBOSHI Fan belts, V belts, Rib belts
CHERRY Gaskets
N-ROCKY Engine valves, Valve guides
NIKKI Carburetors
MUSASHI Oil seals

[Ignition and Switch Related Products]

Principal Manufacturers
PACIFIC Automatic fuses
NILES Oil pressure switches
HANSHIN Ignition coils

Voltage regulators, Solenoid switch


[Clutch, Brake and Suspention Related Products]

Principal Manufacturers

Disc pads

5-825 Drive shafts boots
MOUNTAIN Disc rotors
NICHIRIN Brake hoses
ROCKY Brake Cylinders & Repair kits
NKK Clutch disc, Clutch covers
NHK Torsion bars, Coil spring
J-ROCKY C.V. Joints
TSK Various types of Cables
J-FBK Brake linings & shoes

[OEM Parts]

Principal Manufacturers
NACHI Bearings
PACIFIC Valve cores
TOSHIBA Subminiature lamps, Cold cathode tubes, LEDs, Diodes

[Electrical Products]

Principal Manufacturers
TOSHIBA Automotive lamps, Halogen lamps, HIR super halogen lamps, Super white lamps
ELEPHANT Various types of Electric horns
YEC Distributor caps & rotors
HKT Glow plugs, Electromagnetic valves
NILES Flashers & Various switches
[Electrical Products]
Principal Manufacturers
Booster cables

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